Late Shri Jethmal ji Arya

Shri Jethmal ji Arya was born on 19 January, 1928. His father’s name was Shri Jairam ji. Shri Arya came in contact of Arya Samaj in his struggling childhood and he gave his maximum time to Arya Samaj having full devotion in the ideology of Maharishi Dayanand.

When Freedom Fight was on peak, Arya Veer Dal was established in Abu Road by efforts of Shri Jethmal ji Arya. A group of more than 1000 Arya Veers was with him. They used to do best of their efforts for spreading Vedic Culture as well as played their role in in Freedom Fight.

In 1942, with Gokul Bhai Bhatt of Sirohi District, Shri Arya fully involved himself in Freedom Fight. For this, he went to jail twice. When the nation got Independence, Shri Arya with Arya Veers, went on their foot to the highest point of Mount Abu of Aravali range of hills and hosted “Tiranga”, the National Flag at the midnight of August 14. After that they returned to Abu Road and hosted Tringa in the morning. The National Flag was hosted on the ground, where today Shri Vedic Kanya Senior Secondary School is running, founded by Shri Jethmal ji Arya himself.

Shri Arya on the highest point of Aravali hills with Arya veers while "tiranga" The National Flag is hosted at the mid night of 14th August.


Shri Jethmal ji Arya did his duties with full honesty and responsibility as :-

  • Prantiya Sanchalak, Arya Veel Dal, Rajasthan
  • President, Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Sirohi
  • Trustee, Satyarth Prakash Nyas, Udaipur
  • President, Arya Samaj, Aburoad (Till Death)
  • Up-pradhan, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Rajasthan (Till Death)

Shri Arya passed various examination like as Siddhant Bhaskar, Siddhant Shastri and Sanskrit Visharad and honoured accordingly.

He had been raising his voice against exploitation and social bad practices from local platform to Legislative Assembly.

Shri Jethmal ji Arya was the great personality. He was honest, hard worker, fearless and fully devoted to Vedic Ideology. Shri Arya left this world on 16 July, 2004.

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