Arya Samaj Abu Road doing it’s best efforts in support of Vedic Culture for more than 9 decades. Institutions being managed and run by Arya Samaj Abu Road are working in the field of Education also.

In order to efforts being done at various level, having objective of Reestablishment of Vedic Culture, Arya Samaj Abu Road has decided to institute Dayanand Vidyapeeth. For this Arya Samaj Abu Road has bought 21 bigha land in fully pollution free natural environment in the foothills of Mount Abu of Aravali Range of Hills and started construction work.



A Society devoted to the nation, where every common man in full dedication in the Great Vedic Culture, is educated in useful modern knowledge.


Mission :

To develop human resource, well educated in the various aspects of modern science and technology, which is fully devoted to the nation having knowledge of Vedic Culture.


Objectives :

· Building Youth Power well educated in modern science and knowledge,  fully devoted in Vedic Culture and Patriotism.

· Building Pracharak

· Making preachers for spreading Vedic Culture in backward communities, specially in local tribals.

· Providing facilities for Sanyasis, Vanprasthis and Old Age Men for various Vedic activities.

· Providing environment and facilities for miscellaneous necessary activities of Vedic culture like Education, Yagya, Yog and Gauraksha etc.


Dayanand Vidyapeeth's Proposed Plans:


1.         M D International

(An Educational Residential Paradise)

Building and running fully residential school equipped with modern technology, where student can get quality modern education with Vedic Culture.


2.        Arya Gurukul

Establishing Arya Gurukul for Ved Prachar in Tribal and backward area, where Ved Pracharak will be made for spreading Dayanand’s Ideolgy in Tribal and other backward communities.


3.        Meditation Room/Sadhna Kaksh

The Vidyapeeth will require Vanprashthis and Sanyasis for giving Education of Vedic Culture to the students, that is why Meditation Room / Sadhna Kaksh will be made for Vanprathi and Sanyasi.


4.         Guest Rooms

Building Guest Rooms for Guests.


5.         Staff Quarters

Because Vidyapeeth Campus will have A Fully Residential School, staff quarters will be built for staff residence.


6.         Yagyashala

Building a Geat Yagyashala so that Students, staff and Guests can do Yagya both time morning and evening.


7.         Gaushala

Building Gaushala, so that pure milk can be available for students.

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