Historical Background

The journey of Shri Vedic Kanya Senior Secondary School, Abu Road started from Sirohi District’s first girl’s school on 1 August, 1941 in Abu Road. The school has been being managed and run by Arya Samaj, Abu Road since it’s establishment and recognized by Government of Rajasthan. At that time of beginning only 9 girls got admission. School was in a house on rent basis in first 5 years. The building was small as number of students was increasing. So workers of Arya Samaj Abu Road bought a building, in the middle of the town at Ambaji Chauraha in 1945. In this building school was run for many years. The old building was small and not suitable for a school, so many times the admissions had to be stopped.  

Workers of Arya Samaj Abu Road was very willing to run school in proper and effective manner. So with the respected supporter and donor of the city, Arya Samaj Abu Road bought a land on 18 January, 1952 near Gandhi Park, from Bombay State of that time and founded the school. Building of the school was inaugurated by Shri Madukar Vaman Rao Desai, District Collector, Palanpur.

By contiguous best efforts of Arya Samaj Abu Road, school went on the progress way and today it is among the top educational institute of the area having senior secondary level.


Infrastructure and Facilities

Building of the School is a private property of Arya Samaj Abu Road. The building is in E shape with three floors. The building has 2 halls, 41 rooms for study classes, 10 rooms for office use, 1 library, 1 store room etc. Electricity facility is available in entire building and equipped with sufficient electric equipments like fans, lights, mike etc. Furniture facility is sufficient. Facilities of drinking water, urinal, latrine etc. is sufficiently available for students and staff.

With the objective of proper monitoring on class rooms, 45 cameras are installed in each class room.



Shri Vedic Kanya Senior Secondary School, Abu Road is working with the objective of making girls educated with devotion and respect to Vedic Principals, having respect for their parents and teacher, so that they can be able to do their duties for the society and the nation.


School Management

Shri Vedic Kanya Senior Secondary School, Abu Road is managed by managing commitee of Arya Samaj Abu Road .

The management of the school is working having following designation :

  • Pradhan
  • Mantri
  • Treasurer
  • Members

Arrangement of School for Operations

For proper operation of educational and allied activities the students of the school are divided in the houses, which are as under :-

            1.         Maharani Durgawati House         -           Secondary Section

            2.         Maharani Karmwati House           -           Secondary Section

            3.         Maharani Laxmibai House           -           Secondary Section

            4.         Maharani Ahilyabai House            -           Secondary Section

            5.         Maharani Draupadi House           -           Primary Section

            6.         Abhimanyu House                          -           Primary Section

Each student and teacher is a member of a house. Every house is responsible for conducting culture programs and maintaining discipline. This all is done in the leadership of In-Charge Teacher of house having full cooperation from other staff of the school.



As a compulsory part of a developed school, Shri Vedic Kanya Senior Secondary School, Abu Road has a Library. The library has more than 10,300 books of all subjects available in school, including literature, religion, science and child literature. There is well arranged furniture facility in library and books are arranged category wise for easy access. Once in a week, books are given to students according to their interest. Books are available for teacher also.

There is a book bank also. Students from poor families and backward classes get the benefit from book bank.


Saving Scheme

To put saving habit in students, Arya Bala Sahkari Samiti Ltd. is operated. The cooperative has it’s counter in the school. It’s registration no. is 343W dated 15-11-1961. Students deposits their savings in the cooperative and pass books are given to every account holder.


Computer Education

Looking at this scientific age and hard competitive environment, taking the computer education necessary for each student, the school has computer education for all students. The computer education was started in the school from July, 1999.

Students of the school are being provided computer education. Facility for both theoretical and practical is in the school. For practical sessions, the school has a well furnished and well equipped Computer Lab with proper sitting arrangements. The lab. has more than 20 computer sets and other related peripherals like printer etc. For continuous electric supply the lab. has an inverter with batteries.



The school has permanent recognition for 10+2 level from Government of Rajasthan and Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan.


Method of Education

The education is being provided in the school according to prescribed syllabus of Education Department of Government of Rajasthan. Looking at the modern age the English subject is taught from class first. The Sanskrit is taught as third language from class second. School starts with Yajna everyday.

Besides this, religious and moral education is also provided. To develop creativity and behavioral skills in students, S.U.P.W. is also a part of the education of the school.

Students of the school do Sandhya, Havan, pronounciation of Ved Mantras every day. Allied activities are also conducted like Bal Sabha, Essay Writing, Speech, Poem, Music, Sewing-Embroiding for overall development of the students.



School received scholarship by Government is provided to the students eligible for.

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